Dhaka Lit Fest '23
Nefertiti Album Art
Dhaka Flow | Inspire Her Wellness
Joy Bangla Concert 2023 | Coffee Table Book Design
Wedding Invitation Suite | Sampad & Prova
Louder Together: Cryptic Fate and Nemesis
Louder Together
Anjan Dutt In Metropolis
Ong Rong Song
Sarita | Unfold Stories
Chasing Sunsets II
IAB Pavilion | UIA World Congress of Architects 2023
Nature Wall Art
Dear Dhaka presents FUTURAMA
Janala Khuley Dekho
Note by Note X Chasing Sunset
Mountain & Stars - Father's Day Gift Card
Wedding Invitations | Ayman Sadiq & Munzereen Shahid
Rustic Blue Wedding Invitation
Invitation Suite | Rafa & Yafiz
Reception Invitations | Fawzia Effa & Saleh Ahmed
Wedding Invitation | Nishi & Rahul
Holud Invitations | Sadia Afrin & Najmush Shaker
Invitation Suite | Maisha & Erfan
Holud Invitation | Mim
Birthday Invitation | Shaikh Towsif Hasan
Chasing Sunsets III
International Women's Day '23
Regeneration | Dhaka - An Art District In the Making
World Children's Day '22
Kids' School
Father's Day '22
December Dhaka '21
MGH Cafe
Episodic Memories
ArcAAB Meetup '20
10 Minute School HQ
Find Your Bangladesh
Quarantine Diary
India Tour Memento
Personal Finance | Online Course by 10 Minute School
ArcAAB Day Out '23
Spoken Arabic | Online Course by 10 Minute School
Folklore of the Sundarbans
Ombre Walls
Visual Verses: A Journey Within
Climate Adaptation Frontier
The Confines
Image Making
SYMBIOSIS | Transformation of Transient Business Model
Illustrations for 10 Minute School
IT Office Characters
September Dhaka '22
Beyond The Confines
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