Kids' School
Chasing Sunsets III
Chasing Sunsets II
IAB Pavilion | UIA World Congress of Architects 2023
Ong Rong Song
Joy Bangla Concert 2023 | Coffee Table Book Design
Dhaka Lit Fest '23
Sarita | Unfold Stories
Anjan Dutt In Metropolis
Personal Finance | Online Course by 10 Minute School
World Children's Day '22
Father's Day '22
International Women's Day '23
Dear Dhaka presents FUTURAMA
Regeneration | Dhaka - An Art District In the Making
Janala Khuley Dekho
Note by Note X Chasing Sunset
Invitation Suite | Rafa & Yafiz
December Dhaka '21
Holud Invitation | Ayman Sadiq & Munzereen Shahid
Wedding Invitation | Ayman Sadiq & Munzereen Shahid
Reception Invitations | Fawzia Effa & Saleh Ahmed
ArcAAB Meetup '20
Episodic Memories
10 Minute School HQ
MGH Cafe
Beyond The Confines
Quarantine Diary
Find Your Bangladesh
Holud Invitations | Sadia Afrin & Najmush Shaker
Invitation Suite | Maisha & Erfan
India Tour Memento
ArcAAB Day Out '23
Spoken Arabic | Online Course by 10 Minute School
Holud Invitation | Mim & Raju
Ombre Walls
Folklore of the Sundarbans
Visual Verses: A Journey Within
Climate Adaptation Frontier
The Confines
Image Making
SYMBIOSIS | Transformation of Transient Business Model
Illustrations for 10 Minute School
IT Office Characters
Birthday Invitation | Shaikh Towsif Hasan
September Dhaka '22
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