Design Concept: These days we are stuck in traffic for hours under a ‘Concrete Sky’ created below all the flyovers, expressways and metro lines. These are taking a heavy toll on both our physical and mental health. If we try to visualize these spaces, we can only see a lot of humongous concrete columns covered up with posters, superfluous ornamentation and undesired activities. They function as a barrier to the blue sky and we have a world below them which is dark and depressing. Our idea is to turn these lower surfaces of the flyovers, metro line slabs and the desolate spaces below them into something dynamic, colourful, magical and enjoyable during the long commuting hours by showcasing art, and bringing art to the public realms. These artworks and installations can tell us about the unknown story of that particular location. These murals, kinetic and interactive sculptures built through the collaboration of artists can make our times stuck in traffic a little less stressful with fresh and interesting views of the city to which the people can feel connected to.

Project Type: Architectural Idea Competition Entry
Competition Organizer: ArchTwist
Year: 2022
Award: Gold Mention

Design Team: Nawrin, Saba Islam
Thank You!
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