The goals for the key visual of the fest were to represent three aspects: Dhaka City, The Fest itself & The Sense of Unity after the imposed isolation under the shadow of the grief of COVID.

To represent Dhaka city, we went for the arch symbol in connection with the historic architectural element that came from the Mughal Architecture and then continued in the Colonial Architecture of this area.
To represent the fest, we superimposed the activities relevant to the fest in those arches.
To represent the Sense of Unity, we used an animation showing the transition from the gloomy situation to a very festive and happening environment.

Illustration was chosen as the core design medium to make the visuals connect more with mass people.

Key Visuals
Animation for Stage Backdrop
113 Portraits of Speakers were Produced for Promotional Contents
Client: Dhaka Lit Fest
Areas of Focus: Event Identity
Year: 2023
Designers: Saba Islam, Nawrin, Saad Siddique
Photo Documentation: Corpovisuals

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