This was a collaborative project with the Bride & the Groom. We gathered, sharing ideas and visions, to craft a suite of invitations where each card was given equal thought and care. Our collaborative spirit ensured that every piece resonated with the same level of importance and emotion.

Wrapped in warmth and sketched with affection, each stroke, hue, and motif in these invitations was aimed to capture the essence of memories, togetherness, festivity, and the ethnic vibrancy of our culture.

This series of wedding invitations were not designed to serve as mere announcements, but as keepsakes to cherish. From the storybook charm of the illustrated postcard by Yafiz Siddiqui featuring friends and family to the harmony of minimalistic designs and patterns—these cards are a tribute to familial bonds and shared joy.

Area of Focus: Customized Invitation Design
Year: 2023

Postcard & Figure Illustrations: Yafiz Siddiqui
Layout & Suite Design: Saba Islam
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