The Joy Bangla Concert 2023, hosted by The Centre for Research and Information (CRI) & Young Bangla, is one of the most significant music events in our country, Bangladesh, where the harmonious blend of wartime melodies and contemporary rock songs aimed to instil the spirit of the 1971 Liberation War in the hearts and minds of today's youth.
Our primary objective in designing this publication was to establish a meaningful connection between the historic event of the 7th March 1971 Speech by Bangabandhu and the Joy Bangla Concert commemorating the speech in 2023.
To achieve this, we drew inspiration from the compelling storyline of the poem "স্বাধীনতা, এই শব্দটি কীভাবে আমাদের হলো" (Independence, How Did We Attain It?) by the esteemed Bangladeshi poet, Nirmalendu Goon. Through the use of translucent layers of pages, we sought to juxtapose the present with the past, incorporating striking photographs from both timelines. These images serve as powerful visual elements, highlighting the contrast and connection between the historic event and the modern-day concert.
The cover of the book features a silhouette of Bangabandhu, designed with perforations. This design choice symbolizes the energy emanating from within the silhouette, representing the enduring spirit and influence of Bangabandhu's visionary leadership. It is a visual representation of how his ideals continue to spread and resonate among the people.
Client: Mainspring Ltd.
Areas of Focus: Book Design
Year: 2023

Design Team: Studio Shwo
Creative Direction: Saba Islam, Saad Siddique
Illustration: Saba Islam
Layout Design: Saba Islam, Saad Siddique
Photo Manipulation: Nawrin, Saad Siddique
Cover Design: Saad Siddique, Nawrin
Product Photography & Documentation: Saba Islam
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